YOU®SOLUTION is a leading independent infrastructure consultancy firm with a focus on airports, railways, ports and toll roads. The company has especially a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of airport management and the creation of Airport Cities

YOU®SOLUTION advises private and public clients, in a continuously changing and an increasingly complex environment, to successfully take next steps in their development

YOU®SOLUTION offers advisory services on:

- Strategy planning
- Marketing / traffic forecasting
- Business concepts development
- Stakeholder management
- Regulatory affairs
- Financial management
- Mergers & Acquisitions / Corporate Finance
- Public Private Partnerships

YOU®SOLUTION provides advice on, as well as assistance with the implementation of a broad spectrum of key strategic areas including Mergers & Acquisitions and Public Private Partnerships

YOU®SOLUTION can act as a virtually self-contained bid team in tenders, auctions and other competitive situations

YOU®SOLUTION's team members combine a track record in aviation industry with ample consulting experience. All have worked in senior roles for Schiphol Group and have national and international experience combined with a truly global network

YOU®SOLUTION's clients describe the approach as very professional, innovative, pragmatic and thorough