YOU®SOLUTION has developed a successful approach for the infrastructure sector. Key elements of this approach are:

  • A pro-active business approach will not only result in growth and financial benefits for the shareholders but also creates added value for the region / country such as new businesses, new jobs and higher tax revenues
  • Alignment of interests with government institutions and business partners is key for successful long term growth of the core business
  • Clear corporate responsibility & sustainability communication is required in order to continue maintainting support from the community for further growth of the activities
  • Operations and commercial activities are inextricably linked, therefore any change in these activities will have an impact on each other

Please find outlined below an example we use for the airport sector.

Airport City concept
The Airport City concept is an integrated approach to develop an airport beyond the traditional airport facility role. As a result, the airport is transformed into a dynamic market-driven and market-oriented airport operating role. The improvement of quality levels and the pro-active unlocking and further development of the airport's business opportunities results not only into the stimulation of traffic growth but also in an increase of non aeronautical revenues.
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Integral stakeholder management
The key success factor in the development of a successful airport is the effective interaction and cooperation between all stakeholders in the airport region, the airport and the airlines that make up the network. By involving the major stakeholders in the joint development of a quality proposition for all customers, not only at the airport but also outside its physical boundaries, customers can be offered a higher value added service. Furthermore, strong development of the airport (area) will have a positive effect on the regional economy, which due to the positive reciprocity between the two, stimulates passenger and cargo growth even further.
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